Update 10 - Special Event Categories

2020-09-20 11:30

Update 10 brings special events to SocieMe. You can now keep track of the important life events of your contacts and special memories you have with them. On top of that, we've made some changes to the dashboard to offer a better view of your upcoming social actions.

With this update we want offer more value in remembering those important moments in life with SocieMe. We hope that you enjoy using these new features.

Special Events

The main feature of Update 10 is the ability to keep track of special events. We added two types of special events that you may want to keep track of:

  • Life events
  • Special memories

Life events

One of the most human things is wanting to remember special events in someone's life. Think of when someone got married, graduated or when their child was born. These life defining (or altering) moments are worth keeping track of and paying attention to on their anniversary.

You may know this feature from Facebook. What Facebook doesn't tell you is that this data is very valuable to advertisers, something I wrote about before. Another problem is that you can only add life events for yourself. You are depending on what other people are willing to share on Facebook. This model encourages oversharing personal information and doesn't work unless everyone does that.

That's why we added life events to SocieMe. It makes sense to want to keep track of important moments in your own and other people's life. We want to support that goal.

We made life events recognisable at a glance with a purple colour:

life event example

Special memories

There's another type of event that gets less attention: the special memories we share with people. Maybe it was a good conversation, or someone said something you can still remember clearly. A special memory is what you decide is worth remembering.

Just like with life events, we wanted to give you the opportunity to keep track of memories that hold meaning to you. You can recognise them by their pink colour scheme:

special memory example

Smart reminders

We upgraded our reminder algorithm to include special events. You can now receive notifications for special event anniversaries. For example, your daily reminder email could look like this:

smart reminder email example

30-day Dashboard

And last but not least we changed the dashboard. It now includes upcoming anniversaries of life events and special memories. On top of that, we changed the upcoming section from the next 10 upcoming reminders to the next 30 days.

dashboard preview

You may notice that the design of the reminders has changed. The dashboard is now more colourful and shows icons. This change is also applied to other items, like events and notes. We hope you like the polished visuals.

SocieMe is made by Friso van Dijk