Update 11 - New Planner & Journal rework

2020-12-20 16:25

Update 11 brings with it a host of new features. The prime focus of this update was the Planner, a new monthly overview of your events, reminders, birthdays and anniversaries. This comes with changes to Reminders, the ability to plan future Events and a dashboard update. The Journal also got a rework, making it more distinct from other views and helping digest the information.

The Planner

The meat of Update 11 is the Planner, a new view that replaces the Reminders overview. The distinction between upcoming and expired reminders was awkward and unintuitive. SocieMe also lacked a way to see events planned in the future, because the only place to show them was the Journal. That's why planned events were disabled in Update 9. The Planner is the answer to all these issues.

In the menu, you will find the calendar icon of the Planner replacing the reminders screen. When first visiting the planner, you will see your activities for the current month. These are split up between Events & Reminders and Anniversaries, which are the your contacts' birthdays and special event anniversaries.

Screenshot of the Planner

With the Planner you now have an easy to access overview of your social activities within SocieMe. The dashboard was updated to fit this new style and show your planning for the next 2 weeks.

Journal update

The Journal was updated to better fit with its original idea. Before the Planner, the Journal served two functions:

  1. Give an information-rich overview of events over time.
  2. Offer a dense overview over past events.

Redesigned Journal

This resulted in a toggle between the list of events and the expanded overview. Based on feedback, the list view was made the default. Scanning events was made easier, but you needed long titles for it to mean anything. Finding an event that happened in the summer was awkward too. It required going through a list of events not designed for scanning on their date and distributed over pages based on length. Looking over different months works much better, and the Planner now allows you to do this.

Now, the Journal only solves the first function and we tweaked its design to better use the space on large screens to match it.

Other updates

We filled out the user guide to help everyone get familiar with SocieMe. There's now also an admin dashboard to monitor application usage, so we can gather proper information about our infrastructure needs. Finally, we stomped a slew of small bugs that come with any project of this size. Thanks to everyone offering feedback on SocieMe.

SocieMe is made by Friso van Dijk