Contacts list

Contacts are the core of SocieMe. Everything else in the app is built on top of your contacts. For each contact, you can add notes, events, reminders and relations between them. Information added to your contacts flows through the entire app. You can add contacts to events, which show up in your journal, and by adding birthdays you fill up the birthday calendar.


  1. Adding a contact
  2. Contact Overview
  3. Contact information

Adding a contact

Adding a contact in SocieMe is easy. On the Contacts page, enter a name in the form at the top of the screen and click Add Contact. You will then be redirected to the new contact.

Adding a contact

Contact Overview

The Contact Overview is your dashboard for that contact. Let's break it down into parts:

Contact overview

  1. At the top you can see how many notes, events and relations you saved for that contact. This includes events and reminders for groups that contact is a member of.
  2. Here you can edit basic information about the contact: their name, birthday and a short description. You only need the date to save someone's birthday, the year is optional.
  3. The overview has buttons to quickly add items to that contact. With one click you can add a note, event or reminder.
  4. Here you can store the person's contact information. Adding the correct type makes it so you can call, email or visit a social profile in a single click. See also Contact information
  5. You can add relations to other contacts and groups here. This is great for remembering who knows who. You can only edit the relations that originate from that contact, which will not show the word of. A group member needs to be added on the Group page.

Contact information

When you start adding contact information you will notice that there are different types of contact information. Choosing the correct type means you can quickly access the various ways of getting in touch.

When editing the contact information, you can use the arrows to reorganise the position they appear in.

Contact information example

  1. Phone - Adding a phone number creates a click to call link, making it easy to dial your contact.
  2. Email - Like the phone number, you can click to send an email through your default email program.
  3. Address - The address type is to add someone's living location. This type has nothing special, but is very handy to have around.
  4. Office - Sometimes a different type of address is more important. Use this to store where someone works.
  5. LinkedIn - You can add an easy link to the LinkedIn of your contacts. On a LinkedIn page the address bar will look something like Copy the username part of that link and SocieMe will handle the rest.
  6. Facebook/Instagram/Twitter - Facebook links work similar to those of LinkedIn. The Facebook address bar will show Copy the username part and paste it in SocieMe. Instagram and Twitter follow the same pattern.
  7. Website - The website type is more straight-forward than the socials. Just copy the full address bar and SocieMe will make a link out of it. You can also use this for social media link that are not (yet) supported by SocieMe.
  8. Other - Anything that doesn't fit in the above types can be set to other. SocieMe does nothing special with this.
SocieMe is made by Friso van Dijk