If you want to remember activities or meetings with your contacts, events are the place to be. You can add an event for one or more contacts and even groups. An overview of all your events is displayed on the Journal page in SocieMe.

Events also come in different types: Normal, Life Event and Special Memory. When you're subscribed to SocieMe, you will get automated reminders for Life Events and Special Memories when they are coming up.

Event example


  1. Using the Journal
  2. Life events and Special memories
  3. Adding an event
  4. Editing or deleting an event

Using the Journal

The journal is your personal timeline of all events you have added to SocieMe. It shows your event history and highlights the special events types. When you begin using SocieMe your journal will be empty, but once you add your first events that will change quickly.

Journal example overview

Using the Planner

The planner is a different way of interacting with your events. Here you will find events and anniversaries of special events in a monthly planner. You can flip back and forth through the planner to see scheduled and past events based on their date, rather than a long timeline.


Life events and Special memories

SocieMe has two special event types: life events and special memories. Life events are important moments in someone's life, like having a baby, getting married or moving to a new home. Special memories are events that hold a significant meaning, like a special trip your took together or that time you had a really good talk with a friend. You will get automated reminders when the anniversary of special events is coming up. That way you never have to forget those important dates.

To add a special event, select the event type you wish to add in the event form.

Adding a special event

Adding an event

You can add an event by clicking an Add event button in SocieMe. You can find these on the Dashboard, Planner, Journal, Contact/Group Overview and Events pages. There are so many because adding an event should be easy wherever you are in the app.

For each event, it is required to have a date, a title and at least one contact or group. All other fields are optional. Events with groups automatically show the event on each of its members. The example below will show for Ben, Sam, the Colleagues group and all individual colleagues in the group. See the Groups guide for more information.

Event form

Editing or deleting an event

You can edit or delete an event by clicking the edit button on the event card, located on the bottom right.

Event edit button location

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