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Notes are pieces of written text you can add to a Contact or Group. They are tied to the contact you add the note to.

Note example


  1. Adding a note
  2. Editing or deleting a note
  3. Note ideas

Adding a note

You can add a note to a contact from 2 places: the contact Overview page and the contact Notes page. To add a note, open the note form by clicking the New note button. Write your note and save it to see the result.

Note form

Editing or deleting a note

If you want to edit or remove a note, you can click the edit button on the bottom right of the note. This will open the note form as seen above, but with an extra option to delete the note.

Note editing

Note ideas

If you want to add some information about your contacts but don't know where to start, you can click the 'Note ideas' option on the Notes page. This will open the following text:

What to write notes about?

Different from events, notes are bits of information coupled only to one contact. They are best used to remember something about someone rather than that you did something with someone.

We've made a list of note ideas for inspiration, but you can enter anything that comes to mind.

  • Hobbies
  • Their relation with their family
  • Pets
  • Gift ideas
  • Their favourite food or food allergies
  • Where they like to go on holiday
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