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Reminders in SocieMe come in 3 types: standard reminders, special event reminders and birthday reminders. Standard reminders are the reminders you add manually. Special event and birthday reminders are automated.

Reminder example


  1. Adding a reminder
  2. Editing or deleting a reminder
  3. Receiving reminders

Adding a reminder

To add a reminder to SocieMe you can click the Add reminder button. This will open the reminder form and require you to enter a title, date and the contact or group the reminder is associated with.

You can choose to make a reminder repeat on a set interval. SocieMe will then automatically reschedule the reminder on the day it's due.

Reminder form

Editing or deleting a reminder

To edit or delete a reminder, click the edit button on the reminder at the right side of the card. This will open the reminder form and show the delete button.

Reminder edit button

Viewing reminders

You can find planned and expired reminders in your planner and on the dashboard, like in the image below. Keep in mind that repeat reminders are only schedule when the previous one expires right now, so if the next reminder is in March, you will not see a repeat scheduled for April just yet.

Events and reminders in Planner

Receiving reminders

At the moment SocieMe only supports email reminders. On your profile page you can set the email you want to receive reminders on and how often you want to get them. Reminder emails show your reminders for that day split out among reminders, birthdays and special events.

SocieMe currently only supports daily reminders, which means you will get a reminder on the day that it happens. In future updates we want to offer weekly and monthly overviews of upcoming reminders too.

Reminder email example

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