Networking made easy

Register events, set reminders and save notes. SocieMe helps you keep track of your professional network as you grow it.

How SocieMe works

Your social calendar in one place

Keep a record of your calls, emails, conversations, notes, reminders and appointments in one place with SocieMe.
The planner shows your events, reminders, birthdays and anniversaries for each month in a single view.

Plan and save events

Keep track of anything from phonecalls to meetings and parties with events.
Highlight life events and special memories and get automated reminders for anniversaries.

Built around your contacts

Build out a contact's profile with contact information and their relations with other people in your network. Add events, notes and reminders as you interact with them. View your history with each contact from their individual page.

Organise contacts in groups

You can use groups in the same way you can use contacts. All events and reminders of a group are tied to each of its members. Group activity shows up on each member's individual page.

Review your history

View your entire event timeline in the journal or browse each contact's history individually. Looking back is easy in SocieMe and great for refreshing your last meeting.

Get smart reminders

Be reminded of upcoming events, birthdays and anniversaries. Add your own reminders to remember tasks. SocieMe supports reminder emails on the day itself, with plans for custom time spans and different ways to receive reminders.

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Designed for you

Smart with data

SocieMe is built to help you get the most of out what you put in. With features such as groups, smart reminders and 2-week dashboard it's designed to help you keep better track of your social life.

Privacy and Security First

Data about your social life is intimate information and SocieMe is designed to keep it secure. Your data is truly for your eyes only. SocieMe is built by a privacy researcher and proudly made in the EU. It follows privacy and security best practices.


SocieMe is free until running it becomes too expensive without your support.

Free tier

€0 / month
20 Contacts or Groups
10 Notes
20 Events
Birthday and event reminders only


Free for now
Unlimited Contacts
Unlimited Notes
Unlimited Events
Custom Reminders
Anniversary Reminders
SocieMe is made by Friso van Dijk