SocieMe Privacy Policy

Last update: 31 August 2020

SocieMe is a hosted online service and requires personal information to work. SocieMe uses several third-party service providers to make this possible. This privacy policy outlines your rights, what information is collected and how it's used.

Your rights

As SocieMe is operated from The Netherlands it falls under the European Union's GDPR. The GDPR gives you several rights:

  1. Access: you have the right to access to the personal information SocieMe holds on you.
  2. To be informed: to know how, why and where your personal data is used. This privacy policy outlines our data use practices.
  3. Rectification: to have your personal data corrected at any time.
  4. Erasure: you can request all your personal data to be removed from our services.
  5. Restriction: you can request certain limitations on the use of your data.
  6. Portability: you can request the personal data your have provided us in a machine-readable format.
  7. Objection: you can object against data processing activities.

If you have questions or remarks about this policy or your individual rights, please use our contact form.

Data processed by SocieMe

SocieMe uses third-party providers to deliver its services. All third-party providers we work with are compliant with the GDPR and Data Processing Agreements are in place.

Data we collect

Login information

Why: to bring you secure logins

We collect your login information, either an email/password combination or information required to recognise you through another login service provider (i.e. Facebook or Google). SocieMe uses Auth0 to deliver a secure login process. The data collected and stored by Auth0 is used only for the purposes of providing this service.

Application information

Why: to bring you SocieMe

We process the data you provide in SocieMe for the purpose of providing you with the SocieMe service. SocieMe is hosted with the services of Netlify and Heroku The data captured and stored there remains under the care of SocieMe.

Email information

Why: to send you email reminders and service updates

Emails from SocieMe are processed by SenGrid to deliver them to your inbox. They collect technical details about these emails to improve the deliverability of SocieMe emails. SocieMe does not track if you open emails or click on links in them.

Payment information

Why: to offer subscriptions and comply with the law

SocieMe uses a Stripe as a payment service provider to deliver its subscription services. This data is kept for a minimum of 7 years as a legal requirement.

Other parties we share data with


SocieMe is legally obliged to provide data to governments and to respond to government access requests (i.e. credit card fraud).

What we don't do with your personal data

SocieMe is built on the idea of a private personal space with the benefits of modern technology. We offer a subscription support the operation of our service. Without your explicit consent, we do not:

  1. Sell your personal data
  2. Share your personal data with advertisers

Where we store your data

All information regarding SocieMe is stored in the European Economic Area (EEA) by default. Your data can be transferred outside of the EEA by our partners to deliver services for SocieMe. When this happens we take care that this is secure and in compliance with the GDPR.

Data Security

The data required to use SocieMe is intimate in nature. We recognise this and follow best practices for Privacy and Security by Design and by Default. We take care never to collect more data than we need to and to be open and honest about what personal data is collected and how it's used.

SocieMe is made by Friso van Dijk